Ten Best QR Code Scanners 

What is a QR code scanner?

A (QR code scanner) is a software application that scans QR codes. It can either be downloaded from the internet or straight from your smartphone using your phones marketplace. The image below is a QR code made for demonstration purposes.

How do you scan a QR code?

The first thing you will need before you can scan one of these codes is a web-enabled smartphone. The phone must be equipped with a camera and also have a (QR code scanner app) installed and ready to use. The application I have installed on my phone is QuickMark and so far it has scanned almost every code with the exception of two.

I have my scanner installed now what?

To open any (QR code scanners) simply open your phones applications and find it. Open it just as you do any other application. Once it’s open you click where it says “scan barcode” and wait for the screen to open up. The screen appears just as it would if you were taking a picture. Focus the camera over the code and wait for it to scan. After it scans a link or the information will show on the screen. Simply click on the web browser button and you will be taken to the URL.

Where do you find QR codes?

QR codes can be found almost everywhere. I have added some to the blog for you to test but they can be found all over the web. You might also find them on product labels or magazines. They are used by bloggers, retailers, restaurants, real estate agents, and just about any other business you can imagine.

What are the best (QR code scanners?)

  • QuickMark – QuickMark is free and available for download through the Android market on your smartphone.
  • QR Code Droid – This scanner is also free and available through the Android market.
  • BeeTagg – BeeTagg is free and can be downloaded by using your phones marketplace.
  • NeoReader – NeoReader is another free scanner and can be downloaded online through your computer or phones web browser.
  • UpCode – UpCode is free and can be downloaded by visiting your phones market place.
  • Kaywa – Kaywa is a free download and available using your personal computer or your phones market place.
  • SemaCode – SemaCode is a free scanner app available through the app store on your phone.
  • I-Nigma – I-nigma is free for personal use and can be obtained through your phones market place, via sms message, or by downloading it from your personal computer.
  • Google Shopper – Google shopper is free and available online through your computer or phone.
  • ScanLife – ScanLife is free and available through Blackberry App World, Android market, Apple, and Windows iPhone.
  • Nokia Reader – Nokia Reader can be found by utilizing your smartphones market place and online.