How Do You Create Free QR Codes? 

QR codes are fun to make, easy to use, and they can help bring big benefits to your marketing campaign. Someone might think they have to go through a technically savvy company and have a code created which in turn can be costly, but the truth is, you can (create free QR codes). Yep, free!

The first thing you’ll need to do is do a Google search for “free QR code generators.” There are a lot of them but my personal favorite is one called I like this one because you have the option to change the color scheme rather than sticking with the normal black and white code. Adding different colors can give the code a little personality and help when it comes to personal branding.

Another great thing about this website is that you also have the option to have your (free QR codes) put on caps, mugs, stickers, buttons, t-shirts, business cards, and tote bags.

What do you do with your (free QR codes)?

There are many things you can do with your code.

  • Stickers - If you have it printed out on stickers they can be put on your laptop which will make it easy for new contacts to scan your code providing they have the necessary tools. Once they scan it they can either save your details or visit the information you have pointed them to.
  • Signs – If you’re in retail you could add the code to a sign and place it in the front store window. When customers and the store is closed, the instructions can tell them to scan the code to shop online.
  • Real Estate – The code can be placed on the for sale sign in front of the property directing them to a website with more information on the home.
  • Menus – Restaurant owners can place the codes on menus and off discounts.
  • Business Cards – QR codes are great to add to business cards. The code can direct people to a video of you introducing yourself or telling them about your business.

How do you read a QR code?

In order to obtain the information within the code you must have a web-enabled smartphone. The smartphone must have a camera as well as a QR code reader installed. You simply open the application, click where it says to scan barcode, hold the camera over

the code and wait for it to scan. Most QR codes simply contain a URL to a website but others may direct you to a page where you can meet the winners of a contest the company held.

Would using QR codes benefit your business?

QR codes have a lot of potential as far as benefiting businesses. They can link to social media pages which they can then “like” or follow to be awarded with valuable updates and deals. When you gain trust in people they are more likely to become repeat customers and spread the word about your company to their friends.