10 Free QR Content Generators 

Well, you’ve finally decided that you’ve heard enough about what QR codes are and how they work and just want to get busy making your own. I assume you have everything you need to get started such as contact information, website information, videos, etc.

If you’ve been keeping up then you already know that the type of information you can encode are almost limitless.

I thought I would create a list of ten free QR content generators to help get you started in finding the perfect one which will suit your needs best. All of these generators are free and easy to use.

QR Wild – This website is cool because it has made QR codes into a scavenger hunt. Participants can sign up, create codes, and earn points for finding pieces.

QR Code Script – This (QR content generator) is very basic but you can use it to create QR codes for any social profile such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

QR Mobilize – This generator is free to sign up with and you can add personal or business details, social networking details, and get your code to link to your personal QRMobilize page.

QR Stuff – QRStuff is free and is the one I have used for almost every code I have created for this blog. What I like about this generator is that you can play with different colors.

Skanz – I also like Skanz and have signed up and created a code with the website. It’s free and you get a Skanz page in which you can personalize with a photo, personal information, URLS, and social networking pages. Once the code is generated anyone that scans it will be able to view your entire page from their smartphone. You can also have your code put on bracelets and stickers but I simply chose to download my code to my computer for now.

Social QR Code – This generator is free and designed specifically for you to use to link to your social networking pages.

Wasp – Wasp is a free generator and you can have your code in only three simple steps.

The 2D Code – This generator is free for personal use and you can add contact information, website addresses, phone numbers, or plain text.

Snap Vu – Snap Vu is free but you do have to register. You then enter all the information, including social networking profiles, and create your code.

Likify – Likify is similar to Skanz and you register for free and create a personal page in which once someone scans your code they can visit Facebook and click “like” to receive updates from you.