9 QR Code Encoders to Help Your Businesses Marketing Campaign

To encode something means to convert ordinary text or wording into a code. A (QR code encoder) does just that. It uses information such as personal contact details, URLs, or other wording and encrypts it into a code which can only be read by a smartphone with QR code reader software installed.

Quick response codes can be found almost everywhere. They originated in Japan but have started gaining in popularity in the United States in the last few years. These codes can contain photos, videos, consumer discounts, history of a business, or whatever other information a business or company wants to share with consumers. They are a great addition for any marketing campaign and are easy to create.

Here is a list of ten QR code encoders I have found:

  • GoQR.meHere you simply generate your QR code with no registration required. You can add it to business cards, shirts, mugs, or buttons.
  • ZXing DecoderThis is a decoder that allows you to insert the image URL in the box and it decodes it for you.
  • Qurify.comHere you type your message, click on qurify, generate and download your code.
  • QRStuff.com – This site is free and you simply add the information you want to share. You can play with color and even have your code printed on t-shirts, hats, and mugs.
  • Skanz.com – Register, design your Skanz page, and generate your code. When someone scans your code they will be directed to your profile. You can also register your code on products like rubber bracelets and stickers.
  • KimTag.comThis is a free generator and there is a registration process.
  • URL 2 TagHere you can create short URLs to use for your QR codes.
  • 2 Code Me
  • LikifyYou must register but once you do, you can generate QR codes to use however you choose.
  • I-NigmaHere you can create your code in barcode or data matrix format.

This is just a short list of (QR code encoders) but there are many, many more. Remember that people love valuable information and deals. Be sure that the page you link to is adapted for mobile use and be innovative when it comes to creativity.

Once you have created a QR code the possibility for uses is almost endless. How you choose to use your code completely depends on the business you are in. For instance, a musician might use a QR code to link to videos of their recent performance, their personal website, upcoming performances, or personal appearances. A writer might use a QR code to link to places that sell a book they’ve written, or their blog.

Codes can be placed on product labels, advertisements, websites, vehicle decals, stickers, billboards, and clothing. If you can think it up, it can probably be done.