How Can I Make A QR Code? 

If you’re reading this post than you probably already know what a QR code is and what it looks like. You’re ready to use these codes to reap the benefits of your marketing efforts.

What you need

•   A web-enabled smartphone with a camera and one of various QR code readers installed. I recommend QuickMark which can be downloaded through Android market but I am sure other readers will work as well.

•   A computer with internet access.

•   A QR code generator. These can be found online. I like to use the one from
Make sure you have the QR code reader installed on your smartphone so you can test the code once you’ve finished.

First –

Decide what information you want to place in your code. This will depend on whether it’s for personal or business use. Remember people love deals and information, the web pages you link to should be optimized for mobile use, and creativity counts.

Second –

Visit the website that contains your free QR code generator. Run a test by linking a URL. If there is an option to choose different colors do so.

Third –

Generate your code. There should be a button which tells you to generate your code and you’ll click on it. Open the reader application on your phone, click on scan barcode, hold the camera over the code and let it scan it. Make sure the information is correct and if you’re happy with the results your code is finished.

Well, the answer to this question varies. You can have the code printed on anything that can have things printed on it such as mugs, hats, shirts, signs, stickers, or business cards. For promotional purposes, hand these items out. Many people will be unfamiliar with the technology and you can explain how to scan and read the code. They will be excited to give it a try and love what they find. This is a fun, creative way to get your business name out into the community and it will help bridge offline and online marketing practices.