Is Creating a QR Code Difficult? 

A quick response code is that square black and white two-dimensional barcode that keeps popping up on almost everywhere. It simply has information encrypted into it which can only be read by someone who has a web-enabled mobile phone with a QR code reader application installed. A simple...

...Google search for QR Readers along with the make and model of your phone will bring up readers that are compatible. I have a Motorola with an Android operating system and installed the QuickMark reader via Android market. So far it has worked with almost every QR code I have scanned.

QR codes can be found on conference badges, business cards, and in store windows and if you haven’t yet started using one for your business or personal information, you should consider giving it a try. Generating your own code is extremely easy and all you have to do is another Google search but this time for QR code generators. There are various ones available but be careful not to use one that redirects through their website.

What information can be put in a QR code?

It completely depends on the individual, business, and goal. If you’re a writer and have an online presence, you could add the URL to

your blog or writers website. You could add your social networking pages so they can “like” your fan page or follow you on Twitter.

If you’re a restaurant owner you could add URLs that would take customers to videos of dishes being made, tours of the kitchen, a message from the chef or introduction of staff. Promotional things such as discounts and coupons could also be linked to.

Food products might include nutritional information, recipes, or food safety tips.

Where can QR codes be placed?

Now that you know what QR codes look like, how you can read them, and what type of information you might find encrypted in them, you will likely quickly notice one the next time you see it. Pay attention to where you see them and keep note but some ideas include the obvious business card or website.

Once you are done (creating a QR code), you can email it, download it, or print it on almost anything that can be printed from brochures and stickers to hats and t-shirts. One thing to be sure of is that when using QR codes remember that this is a relatively new technology so not everyone is comfortable with using it. Add instructions on how to use them such as telling them to scan the code with their smartphone, what they will find when they do, and where or how they can download a compatible reader for their phone.

QR codes are becoming more and more popular in the United States and will likely be around for a while the more comfortable smartphone users become with the technology. If you’re not already (creating a QR code) for your business you should start now. You’ll be glad that you did.