Have You Created Your Personal QR Code? 

Quick response codes make it easy to create a personal brand. It’s not just about your network or your resume but also about your online identity. You want to continuously add to it, keep up with new trends, and keep it fresh. A great way to do this is by using QR codes.

QR codes have been around for a while in Japan but are starting to take off in North America. They can be seen almost everywhere and when you know what they are you will recognize them more and more. Simply put, they are two-dimensional barcodes containing encrypted information and can only be scanned by web-enabled smartphones with QR code readers installed.

The first step to creating your personal QR code is to find a website which will allow you to combine all of your social media pages into one page such as About.Me.com. Here you claim your name and enter all the information you want to share.

The next step is to find a free QR code generator. There are many available online and most are free to use although there are paid versions as well. Kaywa offers both. Enter the URL to your All-in-one page and generate your code.

Make sure you have a QR code reader installed on your smartphone. One to try is QuickMark but there are many others available. Open the application and scan the code. It will provide you with the URL and all you have to do is open the web browser to visit the page.

If you’re using your code to link to a webpage or special offer you’ll likely want to see how much traffic comes from each code so you’ll want to find a generator service that will allow you analyze and track your marketing efforts.

Once you generate a personal QR code it can be used on your blog to link to your website, resume or other relevant information. It can be used on your business card with a link to your contact information, resume, or blog. Use it on your resume to link to your personal website. Print out stickers and place them on your cell phone case or laptop. Print your code on mugs, shirts, hats, key chains or other promotional items.

The objective of creating a (personal QR code) is for self-promotion. If you have a valuable service to provide or product to market you need to sell yourself. QR codes are an exciting and fun way to do just that. The possibilities of your personal code is only limited to what your creativity will allow.

Once you give this new technology a try, you will see how creative and fun it can be to make them. Just as with most things people are unfamiliar with, there will be QR code safety concerns but as people get more comfortable they will scan these codes more so get your head in the game now and create a personal QR code.