Places You’ll Be Seeing QR Codes 

Marketers are trying to leverage QR code technology because quick response codes are showing up almost everywhere. The benefits these codes provide are many and if you’re not using them yet, you should get started.

First, let’s go over the basics again. A QR code is a barcode that can only be read by dedicated readers installed on smartphones with cameras. It consists of smaller black modules which are arranged in a square on a white background. The information contained in the code may be a URL, text, or other valuable information. You have probably seen quite a few QR codes already but were unsure as to what it was.

(Places of QR codes) include magazines, on product labels, in store windows, and on websites. The only way to read the information in the code is to use your phone but it must also have a compatible reader installed prior to scanning. QR codes have taken off on a slow start in the United States but the more people are learning about this great technology the more popular it is becoming.

For the most part, scanning these codes is safe but there are some things to consider when it comes to security and privacy concerns.

Be sure to read the privacy policy that comes with your QR code scanner. There are many applications available so reading the privacy policy will help you understand what will be done with private data that is used from your phone. It is also important to read customer reviews because you can learn quite a bit from other users.

Pay attention to the source of the QR code. Make sure you can trust where you find the code. For instance, if you scan one on a real estate sign, one from a business window, or one from a major publication, it should be safe. If you find a QR code sticker on a light pole and there aren’t any identifying markers, it may not be safe to scan it.

If the website that you are directed to after scanning the code instantly starts asking for your personal information such as social security numbers, passwords, and usernames, then go no further. You should never give out this type of information unless you personally know that you can put your trust in the website.

The QR codes do not take up much space in ads but can lead to a vast amount of valuable information. They can be used to track analytics for marketing campaigns as well. The possibilities for uses of these codes are almost limitless and incorporating them into your marketing campaign is definitely a smart move as long as this is something your customers can benefit from as well.

Pay attention to how companies are branding their QR codes. They can now be branded with colors, logos, and instructions for use. All of this together will help individuals be more willing to adopt this technology which increases scans. These codes are a great tool and marketers should keep creativity in mind while creating them. Remember that people have curious minds and the code alone will spark that curiosity. Provide them with valuable information or something fun and they may just keep coming back.