What Is A QR Reader? 

QR codes are black and white square barcodes that can be found all over the place. You may have noticed them on websites, magazines, and product labels without actually knowing what they are.

These codes contain information that can only be viewed by scanning with a smartphone that has a QR reader app installed.

A QR reader is an application downloaded to a smartphone in order to scan QR codes. The phone must be web-enabled and be equipped with a camera. The smartphone owner must download QR readers to the phone before they can scan any codes.

Where can QR code readers be found?

A QR code reader can be found by viewing your phones marketplace. For instance, owners of any Android smartphone can simply open the Market place application and search for a free QR code reader. There will be many to choose from and most will cost nothing. Before downloading a free QR reader you should make sure to read through the reviews from other users to determine which the best is.

Once you find the QR code reader app that is compatible with your phone of the code you want to scan, simply download it and install it to your smartphone. After the installation is complete you are ready to scan. Surf through some pages on this blog and give it a try.

Open the reader application and click the area that says “scan barcode.” The screen will look exactly as it does when you’re taking photos. Center the code in the square and wait for it to scan. After the scan is done, you will see a URL. If you want to visit the URL via your mobile phone, simply click on the web browser button and wait for the page to load. That’s all there is to scanning QR codes. Hopefully any codes you scan link you to pages which are optimized for mobile viewing.

What will a QR code provide me?

QR codes can contain anything. What you will find when you scan one will completely depend

on what company or business the code belongs to. For instance, those on this blog only direct you to the home page for demonstration purposes but a code for a real estate agent may direct you to a video in which you can take a virtual tour of a home. A restaurant might provide you with a discount or link you to a customer survey. If you see a code at your local gym and scan it, you might find a discount on a month’s membership fee or you may be directed to a website with information on how to get the most out of your time at the gym.

As you can see, what information you find by scanning a QR code completely depends on the company. If you haven’t downloaded a reader already you should consider finding one soon. You never know what kind of deals you may find.