How Are QR Codes Used in Retail? 

If you’re in retail and not yet using QR codes to market your products, you may want to consider incorporating it now. These two dimensional barcodes, encrypted with valuable information, are showing up almost everywhere and can be beneficial to consumers and business if implemented creatively.

There is a QR code on my laptop, I have seen them on websites, and recently noticed two on a bottle of Dawn dishwashing detergent. The one on my laptop directs me to a URL, one on a website directed me to recipes for that food item, and the one on the dish detergent is either too small for my phone to scan or the software on my smartphone is simply not compatible with that certain code.

Using (QR codes in retail) is a great tool for marketing. For instance, a retail store that sells furniture that consumers put together themselves, may want to consider adding these codes the outside packaging of the product. The code might contain how-to videos or instructions which the consumer can view before their purchase. Once they can see how easy construction is they are more likely to purchase the item.

Another great way to use (QR codes in retail) is for do-it-yourself products. Again, the codes

can be placed on an item and contain informational videos or maybe even a checklist of all the items needed to complete the project. The garden center can use codes on items as well. For instance, seed and plant packages can have codes that provide nutritional information, best times to plant, or different recipes for that item.

Someone wanting to purchase a C.D. from their favorite musician may appreciate being able to scan QR codes to listen to tracks on the artist’s newest album, learn about upcoming events, or purchase concert tickets. Pet shop owners could use codes directing new puppy owners to how-to train videos. Fishing equipment retailers could use QR codes to inform fishing enthusiasts to great places to fish. The key is to be creative and provide consumers with information that they will find useful.

QR codes are easy to generate using free

online tools and can be downloaded, emailed, printed on stickers and placed on signs, stickers, and products. They can be used on anywhere and they can be scanned by anyone that has a smartphone with QR code software installed. I downloaded the free QuickMark QR code reader application through the Android market and it has worked on almost every code I have scanned.

Most retailers only utilize the QR codes to simply provide a little more product information but the possibilities are almost endless. Creative thinking will allow a retailer to use these codes to interact more with consumers which can lead to more scans. Consumers purchase things that provide a want or need they have. Retailers should keep that in mind when placing QR codes on items. Provide consumers with tips, advice, or other helpful information and they will be appreciative and be returning customers.