What Are Some Ways QR Codes Are Used? 

The use of QR codes are increasing in popularity and are being used in various different ways from websites to clothing. The codes are square barcodes that contain encrypted information such as contact details, website URLs, how to videos, etc.

The code is scanned by anyone having a smartphone with a QR code reader installed.

These codes can be seen all over the place and once you know what you’re looking for, you will notice them more often. Once you gain a better understanding as to how they work, you will also be excited to scan them just to see what type of information the code contains. Here is a list of some places you may have seen a QR code at before:

  • Museums – Museums could use QR codes and post them next to sculptures and paintings. The code could contain information about the artist, time period, or links to other works.
  • Direct mail – The QR codes can contain a personalized URL.
  • For sale/rent signs – Real estate is a great place to use QR codes. The codes can contain links to virtual tours, agent contact details, schools in the area, or other information buyers would be interested in knowing.
  • Produce – QR codes can be used on seed and plant packages or the actual fruit or vegetable and the code can detail best times to plant, nutritional information, or different recipes
  • Magazines – One magazine code I scanned linked to a mobile website in which I could view the makeover winners of a contest the magazine recently held.
  • Take out menus or packaging – Something new I have noticed is that many pizza places now have ordering convenience simply by visiting their website. Using QR codes is a great way to promote the business website. This is great use of restaurant QR codes.
  • Advertisements – Whether you advertise on a website, television, email, or direct mail, QR codes can be a great addition.
  • Clothing – QR codes can be placed on rubber bracelets, t-shirts, and hats.
  • Social QR Codes– These codes can be used to promote your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media page.
  • Consumer Discounts – Try incorporating discounts for customers by offering discount coupons for people who scan the code.

These are just a few ideas as to how free QR codes can be used in your marketing campaign. The possibilities are almost endless and all it takes is creativity to think of places you can use a QR code to market your business.