What is a QR Code? 

QR codes are showing up everywhere. They can be found on products, websites, magazines, signs, and even clothing. In order to scan the code and know what information is encoded into it, a person has to have a smartphone that is web-enabled. The phone has to be able to take pictures and it...

...must have a QR barcode reader application installed. For instance, my phone has QuckMark installed and it works to scan the code on this page.

QR codes are quick response codes. They are two-dimensional and have information encrypted. Typically they are black and white and most have three large black squares; two

in the upper right and left corners and one in the lower left corner. The center looks to be smaller black squares on a white background.

Originally the (QR code) was developed and used in Japan but is now being used in other countries. It has many advantages which has made these codes continue to increase in popularity. QR codes are easy to use, inexpensive, and are being used by individuals and businesses both large and small.

The information in the code completely depends on the individual or business that created it. It may have a URL, contact details, history of the company, promotions, videos, etc. The possibilities are only limited to the level of creativity.

Using these codes is very cost-effective for business. Whether the code is placed on a business card, sign, or website, a person can easily use their cellular phone to quickly scan the code and gather more information. It’s no

wonder QR codes are gaining in popularity simply because a lot of information can be obtained in one simple scan as long as they have the necessary software downloaded to their phone.

There are free applications available for smartphones and free generators available online. You can get creative by adding logos, changing colors, and even having them printed onto clothing.

Although the use of (QR codes) is still relatively new, anyone can utilize this technology for their business, blog, website, social networking sites, or personal information such as contact details. It is not known how long these codes will be around but they continue to grow in popularity so if you haven’t started using them, you may want to test a few and see how you can make it work for your business.