About QRTagGenerator.com 

I would like to thank you for visiting QRTagGenerator.com. I created this blog as a means to help beginners understand what QR codes are, how they work, where they are used, and even how to create your own.

After seeing these odd codes everywhere I set out to learn more about them. I find QR codes fascinating, fun, and wanted to share everything I have learned in order to help those unfamiliar with this technology.

During my journey to learn more, I found that I also enjoyed explaining and demonstrating QR codes to those that had no idea what they were and I created this blog to help educate others.

QR codes originated in Japan but have become popular in North America over the last few years. These codes are used by marketers, real estate agents, restaurants, retailers, and even bloggers. They can be

found on billboards, in magazines, websites, menus, clothing, stickers, you name it.

qr code

These codes can be created by anyone and the purpose of this blog is to not only show you how you can create your own codes, but how you can incorporate them into your marketing campaign and other aspects of your business. You’ll also find how to posts on scanning codes, reader software, and more.

I hope you have as much fun learning from this blog as I have had creating it.